When people first hold an ALX Rod, we see that type of smile that happens when you experience something special.

Combining passion, vision, and craftsmanship with tradition, ALX Rods doesn’t mind taking risks, and we don’t believe in cutting corners. With dust and glue on our hands, we match our proprietary rod blank designs with top-notch components, then assemble them to exact specifications in our Aiken, South Carolina factory.

We talk to the anglers who fish our rods. Have a question or special request? Give us a call; we can meet it. You want an exceptional rod with outstanding value. That’s what we make. We build the rods we fish with. Let us build yours too.


Growing up, Alex Dziengielewski knew he wanted to be involved in fishing. Starting on the Cooper River with his father, then venturing to every local pond, creek, and water hole, Alex was always looking for the next bite. He also saw the loving craftsmanship his father put into woodcrafts, and his mother’s love for knitting, crocheting, and sewing. This gave him a deep appreciation for handmade things, and the pride in putting your name on them.

While attending college at The Citadel, fishing continued to be a priority for Alex. Summer breaks were spent renting canoes, searching back waters for the best fishing. This is also when his grandfather, an avid angler and woodcrafter, sent Alex his first custom rod, a 5-weight fly
rod. The seed was planted.

Later in life, Alex began fishing tournaments. Unhappy with the quality of rods available, Alex recalled his grandfather’s fly rod and thought, “I can build my own better.” Of the first 10 rods he built, eight were sold to other tournament anglers. ALX Rods was born.

From those humble beginnings, ALX Rods, wholly owned by Hydra Fishing, has grown into a leading brand of fishing rods built in the United States. Enjoying an especially strong presence in the southeastern U.S., ALX Rods are sold and distributed throughout the country, as well as
Southern Africa and Europe.

Always thinking forward, ALX Rods has done development for Kigan, a South Korean rod guide company, and developed the micro guide market in the U.S. as one of the first five builders in the nation to use them.

In 2017, ALX Rods were used to win the Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie Angler of the Year award, the 8th Annual Black Bass Championships in South Africa, and numerous local and regional level tournaments.