The ALX Rods Expert Series addresses specific techniques by designing rods in conjunction with a recognized expert at that given technique. Each rod is designed using unique components, materials, and requirements to create a highly specialized tool.

All Expert series rods feature:

  • Designed and handcrafted in our Aiken, SC facility
  • The advanced Kigan ZDH/Z Series guide train for optimum line flow with braid safe Coalite inserts
  • Top grade cork/EVA grips with azure blue and silver accents
  • Exposed blank reel seats and 1 piece blank construction
  • Backed by a 10 year limited warranty and the ALX Rods SureSet Replacement Policy

Kelley Jaye Jerkbait XP81JJ – 6’9”, 3/8-3/4 oz., 8-18#, Fast, Medium+ – $249.99

Primary Role: Jerkbaits, Ripbaits, Topwaters

What makes a rod suitable for fishing jerkbaits? It needs casting distance and hook-setting power with a handle that doesn’t bang the angler’s forearm and a rod tip that doesn’t slap against the boat during “tip-down” retrieves. It needs the strength to catch big fish without exhausting the angler during a day of casting lures up to 3/4-ounce. And it needs a power rating higher than medium, but less than medium-heavy.
The ALX Kelley Jaye Jerkbait Rod has all that and more. The 4.25-ounce, 6-foot, 9-inch rod features an 8.5-inch handle, a fast action, a medium-plus power rating, has nine guides, and accommodates lures between 3/8-ounce and 3/4-ounce. It’s the only rod that was on the deck of Jaye’s boat when he hooked a top 5 finish at Lake Champlain’s Elite Series event in July.

Ben Parker Magnum Spoon XP91SP – 7’7”, 1-6 oz., 15-40#, XFast, XHeavy – $274.99

Primary Role: Nichols Lures Magnum Spoon

The BP Mag Spoon rod has a lighting fast tip perfect for working magnum spoons. The high modulus carbon blank lets you feel bites on the fall and the TENX reinforcement material ensures power in the blank without sacrificing feel.

Ben Parker Swimbait XP94SW – 7’10”, ½ – 6 oz., 15 – 40#, XFast, XHeavy – $274.99

Primary Role: Paddle Tail Swimbaits

High modulus carbon with TENX Reinforcement helps ALX Rods answer the need for a paddletail specific swimbait rod. This rod gives outstanding feel and power all in a sub 6 oz. package.

Ben Parker Crankbait XP93CBG – 7’9”, 3/8 – 1 oz., 8 – 20#, ModFast, MedHvy – $249.99

Primary Role: Crankbaits up to 20’

Built on a modern S-Glass and carbon composite blank, the BP Crankbait is perfectly paired with lipless and mid depth cranks thanks to the wonderfully smooth tip that won’t rip out a treble hook. This rod is not a buggy whip. The BP Crankbait also excels at spinnerbaits and bladed jigs thanks to the stout backend that drives a big hook home. All of this in a remarkably lightweight offering for a glass composite rod.

BP Hair Jig – 7’6”, 3/8 – 1 ¼ oz., 10 – 25#, Fast, MedHvy – $249.99

Primary Role: Wild Hair Jig

The Hair Jig requires the right blend of being able to set a stout heavy hook and the finesse to swim it realistically. You also need a mile long cast. Built with a blend of carbon fibers, this rod has a light enough tip for a distance cast with plenty of rear end. The length aids in casting distance. This is a favorite when paired with any type swimming jig as well.