• Built for the tournament angler at a reasonable price
  • Handcrafted at the ALX Rods factory in Aiken, South Carolina
  • OS carbon Hydra blanks using scrimmed carbon fiber and low resin
  • Precision-rolled under intense pressure
  • Crisp clean actions with jaw-dropping power and the kind of sensitivity that detects the tiniest nibbles
  • Fitted with 100% braid-safe Kigan guides
  • MidMicro Guide Train System reduces weight, increases line control and passes leader knots and thick lines

Casting Model Descriptions

IKOS Buzz 7 (Cast)

The IKOS Buzz 7 has an awesome tip that is perfect for presenting plastics just right – from shakey heads to senkos to texas rigs. The backbone also allows for heavier single hook moving baits such as spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. The Buzz is a go to rod and have to have model for every angler.

IKOS Promise 7 (Cast)

A strong backbone and precise action makes the Promise 7 the bass fishing rod you’re going to count on for a variety of fishing tasks. When we ask our cutomers  how they use the Promise 7, the answers range from worms and jigs to spinnerbaits, swim jigs, larger topwater baits, Chatterbaits, and any other non finesse technique! Needless to say, the ALX Rods Promise 7 is the flathead screwdriver in your toolbox… you have to have one!

IKOS Promise 73 (Cast)

The bigger brother in the Promise models, the Promise 73 jumps into a few additional techniques that benefit from an additional 3″ in length. Carolina rigs, frogs, and soft swimbaits are the most common techniques it is paired with. Overall a workhorse rod, the Promise 73 is the type of fishing rod that you just continually find new uses for as you fish it more and more.

IKOS Hammer 7 (Cast)

Everyone needs a 7′ heavy, fast action fishing rod, right? If you fish jigs, big worms, big spinnerbaits, and frogs you know you do! The Hammer 7 boasts a fast tip that allows excellent bait presentation and backbone that can deliver those eye crossing hooksets you love to show off with. Hammer down and add this powerhouse to your arsenal!


IKOS Hammer 73 (Cast)

The IKOS Hammer 73 does just what the name says – hammers home brutal hooksets with heavy hooks on big fish. This is the tournament day rod you’re going to use when you are looking for 5 bites… 5 BIG bites. We usually see the Hammer 73 used for big jigs, carolina rigs, slop frogs, spoons and some swimbaits. The Hammer 73 also has an incredible tip for pitching…

IKOS Thunder (Cast)

The IKOS Thunder is a brute force, rippin’ lips powerhouse. Our largest, strongest rod in the IKOS lineup has a ModFast action is absolutely incredible for thick cover and hard core hooksets. Fish are fought in the belly of the rod so you gain leverage over that monster. Matching techniques include flipping, punching, umbrella rigs, spoons, and swimbaits.

IKOS Hustler (Cast)

The IKOS Hustler is the perfect all around crankbait rod. It handles cranks diving to roughly 15′ deep with ease. It also maneuvers easily around cover and the soft tip casts a mile when fishing open banks and points. Superb, buttery smooth action from the S-Glass construction while maintaining excellent sensitivity to determine crankbait placement around grass lines and bottom composition.

SpinNING Model Descriptions

IKOS Shake 7 (Spin)

A light tip with ample backbone, the Shake 7’s original finesse design for shakey heads has also translated extremely well into NED Rigs and drop shotting. The Shake features a soft tip for light line protection while maintaining enough backbone to control fish as needed.

IKOS Soul 7 (Spin)

The Soul 7 is an all around workhorse spinning rod. Balanced out best with a 2500 to 3000 size reel, it is suited for a variety of techniques and applications. Heavier shakey heads, tubes, and small texas rigs are right at home. It has a fast action and plenty of backbone for normal cover free fishing scenarios.