Elite Series Pro Kelley Jaye

Elite Series Pro Jake Whitaker

Thank you for being interested in the ALX Rods Pro Staff Program.

Our pro staff is vitally important to us as brand ambassadors in the fishing community. Our ambassadors support sales and marketing efforts by educating end consumers and sales professionals on the value of ALX Rods and by being outstanding stewards of our fishing community.

Apply online now!

Our program is open to:

  • Professional guides
  • Government agency personnel working with our fisheries
  • Professional tournament anglers
  • Employees of authorized ALX Rods dealers
  • Select college and high school anglers who are part of an official school team
  • Industry professionals and legitimate media members
  • People influential in the fishing community

Some of what we look for in Pro Staff:

  • Active participation in the fishing community. This may be, but not limited to, social media with value adding content, active tournament fishing, community outreach, industry affiliation, etc
  • Reasonable knowledge of ALX Rods product lines to include on the water experience
  • Overall motivation to be part of the ALX Rods team

Pro Staff Process

Anyone interested in an individual pro staff position MUST APPLY ONLINE. We utilize AnglerTrack, a program which helps determine if you meet the baseline qualifications required and manages all ALX Rods Pro Staffers.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for us to review your application.

While the above criteria are our basic guidelines, we reserve the right to apply these guidelines as we feel appropriate.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of ALX Rods!

Part of a high school or college fishing team and interested in team sponsorship? Contact us for details!