Skipper – 6’9″ Casting, MedHvy+ Power, Fast Action


Our newest model in the ZOLO line up answers the need for skipping bass fishing baits likes jigs and bigger worms. A deadly technique, skipping baits requires a fishing rod with a nimble tip for the perfect skip and ample backbone to extract fish from around pilings, under cover, blowdowns, and a host of other close cover targets. While most bites are reaction and occur on the fall, the ZOLO Skipper has incredible feel for a skip and then deadstick on slow responding fish. The shorter handle and overall length aid presentation by producing the optimum angle with the water surface for a good skip and very little nonsense in the butt that will hang up on clothes and hit forearms. We developed the Skipper over the course of 12 months to make sure it was the perfect skipping rod!

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