ENOX Classic Fractus - 7'1", Medium, Fast Casting

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The Fractus offers a fast tip, power taper and the right amount of flex to fit a variety of applications. Primarily used for contact baits (worms, finesse jigs), the Fractus doubles down with spinnerbaits, buzz baits, long range topwater casts, and jerkbaits. Highly effective and very adaptable.

  • Line: 8 - 15#
  • Lure: 1/4 - 3/4 oz
  • Length: 7'1"
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Fast
  • Average Rod Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Handle Length: 10" (End of butt to back of reel seat)
  • Number of Guides: 10

Customer Reviews

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JD (Hanalei, US)
A fare review 3.5 rating

This is a tough review to write , because there are so many things about this company and this rod that shine .
I,ll start with the Customer service , Alex the owner does a out standing job of communicating and took the time to talk with me about the custom shop and Rod application etc...

After a number of emails and reading reviews , I decided to give ALX a go and pulled the trigger on a sale rod of what I believe is the flagship line the Enox series Fractas ...
I received the Rod in a timely fashion and it was packed nicely ...
After unwrapping the the Rod and removing it from the plastic , the first eye on the rod was bent , that is the same eye that the rod tags are zip tied to...
My wife is a Jewelry maker and is amazing with wire , she was able to straighten it out after a few minutes, we live 3000 miles from ALX so sending it back isn't really a option if we don't have to...

What I like about this Rod :

The fit and finish of this rod is beautiful .
The wraps are clean
The reel seat and lock ring are machined and super clean
Over all its a very nice looking rod ...

What I didn't like :
The guides are mid micro , I believe ? ALX puts out a Video about these guides
they are closer to micro guides in my opinion ...
I use a braid to leader knot 30 lbs Braid to 12 lbs Fluro , its not a large Knot by any means..
The knot gets caught up in the guides repeatedly and caused multiple back lashes , very frustrating to say the least ...
After changing leader length to a 6 ft length or less , I was able to cast but I could still feel the pass thru the eyes unlike any other rod I have owned ...
Very disappointing ...
I finally just went straight braid and it casts very accurately ...
If your uncertain about these Guides , you might want to go another route ...
The Rod does not come with a Hook keeper either and for a $ 300 dollar rod thats a detail that shouldn't be over looked ...
In all fareness , I bought this rod with out physic...


PLEASE do not straighten the guides. The guides are meant to be at an angle. This could damage the guide. Please send us a photo to confirm an issue. The guide could have been damaged in shipping as well.

The ENOX Classic does use micro guides (this is the model with gloss grey blank and red, black and silver trim). The new ENOX does not have micro guides. You are correct, they do not pass leader knots well, which is why this was changed with the remodel. All ALXs built as of October 2019 are equipped with mid micro guides. You ordered an old model that was equipped with micros.

We will be in contact to try and find some resolution.


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