Tournament Win – Nick Rosamilia

We had a Mid Lake Club tournament at Lake Murray (South Carolina) today. We won it with 13.75#.

I went there last week and found two good areas that were holding big fish. Had 21# last Saturday when I pre fished. On tournament day my team partner and I ran straight to the 1st spot and had some top water fish but nothing big. So we moved on down to our next spot. This area had really good fish on it. It was good in the morning for top water but after the sun cam up and was burning strong is where you can catch better ones.

This is where ALX Rods gave me that edge I needed. It was a very long run out point that had a break in it than turned into a shoal. This shoal had a pebble bottom with some small rock in shallow water. Than there was a transition where the pebble bottom turned into grass with a clay bottom into a little deeper water. These fish during the day sat right on the edge of this transition. I mean right where it changes over. I was fishing a shakey head and so was my team partner. If you pulled that worm over that transition to fast you would not get a bite. I had to use my ALX Rod to feel those tiny tiny pebbles that turned into the clay and grass and stop it right there and shake it. I mean you had to be right on it to get bit. I could feel every pebble and know just when it turned into clay with my ALX Rod. Than Wham!! Game on!

My team partner will be fishing ALX Rods next month for sure! He saw all the proof he needed to see with ALX!

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