ZOLO Spinning

The ALX Rods Zolo Series Bass Fishing Rods ditch the use of energy-robbing, low modulus scrim and use only a 100% carbon fiber material construction. This NG Carbon is rolled with over 100ft/lbs of intense pressure to create an efficient,  scrimless rod blank that excels in responsive, durable performance. The innovative design improves vibration transmission and overall smoothness. Each ZOLO Series rod comes equipped with class leading Z Series Kigan Master Hand 3D tangle-free guides and custom-cut elliptical cork/EVA grips.

  • Built for the tournament angler with an emphasis on techniques
  • Handcrafted at the ALX Rods factory in Aiken, South Carolina
  • NG carbon Hydra blanks using scrimless carbon fiber and low resin
  • Precision-rolled under intense pressure
  • Ultra sensitive resulting from 100% scrimless fiber construction
  • Fitted with 100% braid-safe Z Series Kigan guides
  • Trimmed reel seats to eliminate contact with threading and weight reduction
  • MidMicro Guide Train System reduces weight, increases line control and passes leader knots and thick lines


ZOLO Casting Models

ZOLO Twitch

Originally designed for finesse casting baits like flick shakes and weightless worms, the Twitch found a true home with popping baits, jerkbaits, and anything else you’d twitch just right. The soft tip and shorter length help you work baits easily. The power rating is deceiving – once you get a good fish on, there is more than enough rod for the fight!

ZOLO Speedfury

Designed for weightless plastics on clear highland reservoirs, the Speed Fury excels at weightless fluke style baits and light line style baits. The Speed Fury has proved popular among coastal redfishermen for popping rigs and small jigs. The rod has a very light tip with ample backbone to bring in fish. The long working length of the rod allows long casts – great for sight fishing lighter baits.


The Rosa is positioned perfectly as a medium powered rod with ultimate versatility. It’s at home with a spinnerbait but equally as effective with dragging a shakey head or small cranks like squarebills. At 6’9″, the Rosa packs plenty of punch and is nimble enough to be worked in tighter quarters like docks and trees.

ZOLO Mitch

A great all-around rod with the perfect length for shooting lures under docks and hanging tree limbs. The tip is perfectly suited for accurate casts with soft landings. The Mitch excels at senkos, wacky rigs, and dock shooting.

ZOLO Dream

The Dream is one of those rods everyone needs. To say it’s technique specific takes away from what all it can do. The Dream fishes a wide variety of baits from a shakey head to a texas rig to a spinnerbait.

ZOLO Deputy

The Deputy is an outstanding general purpose rod. Great sensitivity and mid range power allow the Deputy to be a jack of all trades. Being able to fish a spinnerbait in the morning and then a texas or carolina rig in the afternoon is extremely popular with coanglers. The Deputy is a workhorse rod and you’ll find yourself needing more than one.

ZOLO Toadface

“My search for the right frog rod is over.” – Capt. Brett Mitchell, Santee Cooper Lakes Guide

True to it’s name, the Toadface is an ace at working a variety of toads and frogs over heavy cover. The tip allows you to cast far into cover and then walk, pop, or hop your frog or toad just right. We know frogs are a big fish bait, so we added a little extra power to get them in the boat. This rod design has also given great results with jigs and larger texas rigs and has become very popular for large topwaters and swim jigs.

ZOLO Dragger

When you want total confidence in a bass fishing rod for dragging jigs and carolina rigs in the places lunkers live – the Dragger is made to order!  Big jigs + big bass = no problem. The 7’4″ length gives you lots of working length for long casts and sucking up line for bigger hooks sets. This super sensitive rod will have you feeling your bait working up that rock… and then back down the other side. Heavy wire hooks are firmly set thanks to the reserve power loaded inside. Drag with a Dragger and show the bass what you’re made of!

ZOLO Brawler

The Brawler is a best seller in places with fish called “lunkers” and “donkeys”. 7’6″ of carbon fiber power allows for big hook sets with hooks. Fish can’t shake their heads because you’re going to turn them straight back to the boat in a bee line to the livewell. The Brawler is an outstanding blend of a heavy rod that can do lighter work. You can go from pulling a 1 ounce carolina rig to to pitching against that piling in the matter of a bait change. Many of our customers opt for the Brawler as their main big jig rod or when they need a little more versatility than a true flip/pitch rod.

ZOLO PowerBolt

When you need brute force from a bass fishing rod for punching through and bringing in monster bass from ugly places, the PowerBolt is the answer. Fish are fought from the rod belly giving you more control, more power, and fewer break offs. There is still enough tip for your delicate flip presentations with a 2 ounce punch bait. After the flip, prepare to cross their eyes with all 7’11” of raw power. The PowerBolt also crosses over nicely into a big spoon, deep crank and A-Rig rod when it’s not punching season.

ZOLO Crank

Made for smaller crankbaits, the Crank offers a long handle for two handed casts and enough rod butt to tuck against your side for all day cranking. The long length aids in depth control for your bait and long casts – which keep your bait in the strike zone longer. The Crank is made for crankbait less than a 300 size (12′).

ZOLO Grind

Made for big crankbaits, the Grind offers a long handle for two handed casts and enough rod butt to tuck against your side for all day cranking. The long length aids in depth control for your bait and long casts – which keep your bait in the strike zone longer. The Grind gets the job done when it’s time to grind out a win!

ZOLO Spinning MOdels

ZOLO Diplomat

The Diplomat is well versed in smooth presentations and subtle power. Drop shots, split shots spybaits, and other light wire hook techniques are ideal for this finesse stick. You’ll feel every little movement on the end of the line and have a rod blank designed to protect light lines. Smallies hate the Diplomat…

ZOLO Trickster

The Trickster serves as a catch all rod with an emphasis on mid-weight finesse presentations. It’s adept at drop shots, light shakey heads and even small topwaters or cranks. The design of the rod blank is focused more on a power with a finesse tip for the right type of bait presentation.

ZOLO Maestro

Perfect for shakey heads, finesse jigs, and small worm rigs. The Maestro is designed for comfortable fishing with an oversized reel seat and easy access to the blank to feel the lightest bites. This package is backed with plenty of power and is versatile enough to be used all day with several different baits. The Maestro is our most popular spinning rod as it does many things equally well.