Why use cork for fishing rod grips?

December 05, 2019 1 min read

Why use cork for fishing rod grips?

Cork is a traditional material used for fishing rod grips. In the past, cork was ideal because it was easy to source, shape, and was long-lasting. Today, those same properties help cork continue as a preferred grip material 

Unlike many other grip options, cork is 100% natural. Cork is sourced from cork oak trees. 60% of the world's cork comes from Portugal and Spain. It comes from a layer of the cork tree's bark. Cork can be harvested from each tree multiple times at about 9 year intervals.

It's well suited for bass fishing rods because:
💧 It's hydrophobic - meaning it doesn't easily absorb water
🦋 It's lightweight (up to 50% of a cork structure can be air filled pockets) and bouyant
🤜 It doesn't compress under load so.you have a solid grip while casting
💪 It's extremely wear-resistant

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