Technique specific rods using top tier materials for mind blowing performance.
Inshore and freshwater finesse with a classic appearance for anglers who demand the best.
Bass specific rods designed with attention to the needs of anglers seeking performance and value.
Designed in conjunction with anglers recognized as experts in the specific technique.
Extremely sensitive and loaded with top of the line components.
An incredible bass fishing value – Available directly from alxrods.com only!

We build fishing rods in the USA – South Carolina to be exact.

We do what we know is right. We use proprietary rod blanks, source quality components, and assemble them all in our rodbuilding plant to be sold at a fair price. We feel any customer purchasing a premium rod deserves premium service.

We’re proud of what we offer and that our hands are covered in dust and glue. We’re proud those same folks answer the phone and help you choose the right rod or listen to last weekend’s fishing story. This keeps us in touch with our rods and our customers – and reminds us constantly why ALX Rods and those who fish with them are exceptional.

Try ALX Rods. The rods are great but being a part of us is even better.

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