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  • Shakey Head Bass Fishing Rods

    November 15, 2020 3 min read

    Shakey Head Bass Fishing Rods

    We're committed to helping you have the right gear. 

    As the weather cools, finesse becomes more important on many lakes. Shakey heads are a standby technique that can fill your limit on a tough day. 

    But which rod to use?



    Full Transcript:

    Hey, guys. It's Alex with ALX Rods, and I'd like to talk today about shakey head fishing. All right, shakey heads can come in a variety of sizes and techniques and different things. This time of the year, I typically start really downsizing my shakey heads a little bit. All summer, I'll usually throw a real big shakey head deep. I'll throw something like this half ounce StrongArm Shakey Head from Victory Tackleworks. I'll throw it with a real big worm like this SureStack Mag Worm and get down deep, get into brush piles, knock it around. And when I'm throwing a real big shakey head like that, I really like having a bigger rod. I like something like a... I'll even throw a ZOLO Dragger, sometimes I'll throw an ENOX Strike and both of those are heavy powered rods. A lot of the time personally, I like to throw a shorter rod. So I lean towards the Strike, because the ENOX Strike is rated over one ounce. And like I said, it's a heavy, but it's only seven feet two inches long. The Dragger is seven feet four inches long. Usually, with the Dragger, I'm going to be throwing something heavier, bigger, deeper, like a jig, something like that. But when I start doing something more shaky head like a Magnum Shakey Head, I like a little bit shorter rod. When I get down into this time of the year, and I'm throwing something more in that three-eights. I'm throwing a shakey head. I'm throwing a little six inch worm. I'm throwing more of a three-eights type or maybe even a three-sixteenths something along those lines, a lot of the times I go to an ENOX Hunch. As you can see, I'm a real big casting rod guy. I'm not a big spinning rod guy myself. So the next comparable thing to this with a shakey head in the ENOX line is either the ENOX Hunch or the ENOX Wizard. The Wizard has gotten super popular for that shakey head bite, and with your smaller finesse type shakey heads. It's got a great action for it. It's got great power. And so does the ENOX Hunch. The Hunch is just two inches shorter at seven feet. The Wizard's seven foot two. Wizard spinning rod and the Hunch as a casting rod, so I recommend both of those in the ENOX. Not all of us want to use the ENOX series. So one of the things that I do look at is, is what's another big popular in the ZOLO series is the Maestro. It's been super popular for a long time for shakey heads. Handles all different size. I've actually got a five-sixteenths Magnum Ned Rig with a Ned Bomb on it right now. That's a really, really good spinning rod as well. And that's been a long-time favorite for shakey head fishing, is that ZOLO Maestro. If you're going to throw real, real small four inch type worms, a 16th ounce weight, that type of thing, the ZOLO Trickster seems to be a little more popular. And if you wanted a casting rod, the Twitch is actually a really popular finesse casting rod. So the ZOLO Twitch is super popular for finesse casting. So you've really got a lot of options there when you get very technique specific. So my recommendations for shakey head fishing in the ZOLO series for a finesse shakey head is a ZOLO Twitch in casting and a ZOLO Trickster or a ZOLO Maestro in spinning. Go either way with the spinning, depends on if you're going to go a little heavier sometimes or a little lighter more often. The Trickster doubles down real well with light Ned Rigs and a drop shot as well. In the ENOX series, my recommendations for finesse shakey heads are the ENOX Hunch and the ENOX Wizard. Hope this helps out. Again, if you ever have problems or if you ever have question about what type of rod for a specific technique, give us a shout. We're happy to help you out. Thanks guys!

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