ZOLO Rumble - 7'1", Glass Heavy, Fast Casting Rod


The ZOLO Rumble has been in development since January of 2019! Specifically designed for bladed jigs, the ZOLO Rumble is a phenomenal single hook, moving baitcasting rod for bass fishing. The made is USA rod blank features a 125gsm carbon fiber backbone material and state of the art fiberglass top section. The benefit of this blended design is a flexible tip that casts a wide variety of bait sizes, allows the bait to work correctly, and provides a steady load once the fish inhales your bait. The carbon base gives the backbone that you need for setting heavy wire, single jig hooks. 

Sensitivity is outstanding and the rod balances 1" in front of the reel seat with a 7 oz reel. The rod blank has a natural, unsanded finish and styling is slightly different than the rest of the ZOLO line due to available components on the initial offering. 

  • Line: 10 - 25#
  • Lure: 1/4 - 1.5 oz
  • Length: 7'1"
  • Power: Glass Heavy (soft tip with strong backbone)
  • Action: Fast
  • Average Rod Weight: 5.0 oz
  • Handle Length: 10.5" (End of butt to back of reel seat)
  • Number of Guides: 10

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Get you a Rumble!!

Finally made it out and was able to use the Rumble, unbelievable how good this rod feels with a bladed jig on the other end. I like to use 15lb flouro most of the time for my chatter baits and with this rod it feels like I’m using braid. Pins the fish very well, did not have any throw the hook while fighting them. Highly recommend this rod if your serious about vibrating jigs.

Best chatterbait rod made.

I lucked up and was able to buy a rumble from a guy who had more than one. Anyway, I fished a tournament today and caught 8 fish on a charterbait. I felt every turn of the blade, every stop of the blade, when I hit grass I knew it was grass and I PROMISE, I felt the fish before it even hit the bait.. Alex if you keep making these awesome sticks I’m going to be broke.. 😂😂

ALX's Unicorn in Hiding

Spent all day throwing the ol' chatterbait (3/8ths Elite with Hogfarmer spunk shad & 1/2 oz Jackhammer & Thunder Cricket with zako), paired with the previous generation Tatula SV TW. Compared to the other glass rods I've used (and even the other 'cranking' composite ones), the Rumble performs above the price tag, and I think ALX has a 'good un'.

A lot of glass rods leave baits like a chatterbait feeling 'mushy', to deaden the thump and torque, at least in my experience. The Rumble feels like a counter to that, allowing you to feel every subtle thump. From deflecting the Jackhammer off of cover to grass getting into the decoy snap, it all feels distinct and identifable, allowing you to know what's going on with your bladed jig regardless of situation.

A huge selling point that will likely be overlooked will be the weight. It balances well with a myriad of reels (I went with that Tat SV because of the spool), and even fishing it hard all day, you don't FEEL the fatigue you get from other glass rods (the mythical 736CB, anything from Japanese companies made for a Jackhammer). And unlike those longer rods, you can roll cast and hit your spots with ease. I've even been throwing 1/2 oz spinnerbaits with a big colorado and 1/2 oz swim jigs, and running and gunning with this rod is an afterthought because of how light it is.

I've been happy with all of my ALX Zolo rods, so you can go ahead and call me a homer. But this one is really special. I've spent over a grand going back and forth and back and forth, trying different rods and trying to find something that doesn't interfere with how I fish (from a kayak) and doesn't wear my butt out. This one is a joy to fish, has been worth every penny, and is gonna slide right next to your Zolo Toadface as two of the 'special rods' that ALX produces.

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