IKOS Hammer 7 - 7', Heavy, Fast Casting

Everyone needs a 7′ heavy, fast action fishing rod, right? The Hammer 7 boasts a fast tip that allows excellent bait presentation and backbone that can deliver those eye-crossing hooksets you love to show off with. Hammer down and add this powerhouse to your arsenal!
  • Line: 12 - 25#
  • Lure: 1/2 - 1 1/2 oz
  • Length: 7'
  • Power: Heavy
  • Action: Fast
  • Average Rod Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Handle Length: 10" (End of butt to rear of reel seat)
  • Number of Guides: 10

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    J.E. (Simpsonville, US)
    Best 7 Foot Heavy on the market

    The first thing you notice about the 7 foot hammer is how light it is, with that comes unbelievable sensitivity, but without lacking any power. This is the best Jack or all trades rod, check it out for your self. You won’t be disappointed.

    Landon Tucker (Chester, US)
    Another Home Run!

    Just received my Hammer 7 today for flipping soft plastics. Took it out of the tube, put a reel on and tied up a weight and flipping with a Rage menace and walked over to the pond for a test. Got two bites, set the hook and both came flying out of the water. I flip a lot. I am very particular about my swim jig rods and flipping rods. I have both the Hammer & and the Toadface. ALX is by far in the top 3 rod makers in the world. I am so impressed with Hammer 7 I will be ordering either another one or the 7'3 Hammer for frog fishing. I am becoming an ALX rod addict. If you are debating or having reservations, trust me, I did too, but I took a chance and so should you.

    Cody Stahl (Phenix City, US)
    Awesome flipping stick for a Co angler and a great spinner bait rod!

    I fish the Bassmaster Eastern Opens as a Co Angler and I absolutely love the Hammer 7 for flipping docks out of the back of the boat! I normally flip with the Hammer 73 when I'm up front on the trolling motor but being a Co angler, naturally I never get the best angles to get my jig under the dock or bush and having a 7'3" rod it felt like my rod was getting in the way because it was a hair too long so i dropped down to a Hammer 7 and that was the ticket. The shorter rod let me be more accurate and gave me a little more wiggle room between me and the dock while still being super sensitive, light weight, and having a great parabolic bend just like the Hammer 73 which I love so much. The Hammer 7 also makes for an awesome spinner bait rod too! I always have one or the other tied on to a Hammer 7 every time I hit the water!

    Justin hof (Deep Run, US)
    Hammer 7 review

    This was my first alx rod that I purchased from Alex at a trade show. I told him that I wanted a rod that I could fish large creature baits on 3/8 oz and above weights. This rod has been my go to flipping rod since I bought it. I fish mostly river system so I needed something strong to horse those fish away from cover. This rod is incredibly strong and sensitive. I have been able to horse fish off cypress trees from under laydowns and had no problems. I have a pretty hard hook set and this rod withstands it day in day out. I have caught several fish over 5lbs with my hammer 7 since I bought it. This to me is the perfect close quarters flipping rod. If you are flipping cypress trees or docks or anything in a river system where your dealing with current and close quarters then this is the flipping rod for you.

    Andrew Petrowich (Chicago, US)

    Super sensitive quick to the backbone and for the price. Can’t beat it

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