IKOS Promise 73 - 7'3" Medium Heavy, Fast, Casting

An overall workhorse rod, the Promise 73 is the type of fishing rod that you just continually find new uses for as you fish it more and more. The bigger brother in the Promise models, the Promise 73 jumps into a few additional techniques that benefit from an additional 3″ in length. 
  • Line: 10 - 20#
  • Lure: 3/8 - 1 1/8 oz
  • Length: 7'3"
  • Power: Medium-Heavy
  • Action: Fast
  • Average Rod Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Handle Length: 10.5" (End of butt to rear of reel seat)
  • Number of Guides: 10
  • UPGRADE with trimmed reel seat threads
  • UPGRADE on cork
  • UPGRADED blackout reel seat hood nut
  • Now featuring Neon Green accents and blacked-out features

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Alan Clayton (Live Oak, US)
    Need to get these rods!!!

    Got my 7/3 promise rod in and all can say is wow, sensitivity is there as well as great backbone. Oh yeah I’m getting more rods soon that’s for sure.

    Brian DeHaan (Columbia, US)
    Nice Rod

    So I took advantage of the 3 rod bundle earlier this year. I usually don’t spend more than 100 bucks on a rod. Not anymore. This rod is perfect for those heavier baits. I use it for bigger spinnerbaits and chatter baits. I particularly enjoy using bigger bottom baits. Jigs, big worms, etc. The sensitivity is outstanding. I’ve used a couple of big name base line rods in the past, you know, those 100 dollar rods. But for a little more coin I have a far superior product. Keep up the great work ALX Rods. You have a customer for life.

    Nathanial S (Beaufort, US)
    Best thing ever

    This rod can literally do everything. Smooth, durable, light, sensitive. Get one can’t ever put it down!

    Cody M (Twin Falls, US)
    Do It All

    This rod can honestly do it all. I bought it to use as a co-angler because I wanted a versatile rod to pitch & flip jigs and t rigs while also throwing spinnerbaits and swim jigs. I've found that this rod really excels with a 3/8 and even 1/2 oz jigs. It's a spinnerbait and bladed jig killer and I've swung bass up to 4 lbs on this rod. As I've moved to the boater side of tournaments the Promise 73 remains a staple on my boat deck.

    Jason (Atlanta, US)
    Truly impressive rod.

    I took my new Promise73 out on the lake to test it out and it has changed my fishing game. I could feel every bite. It was very easy to determine whether it was a fish, or just my lure bumping into a rock or something else. I was fishing the Texas Rig, using soft plastic baits. The sensitivity was very impressive. I highly recommend this rod.

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