ZOLO Dragger - 7'4", Heavy, Fast Casting

When you want total confidence in a bass fishing rod for dragging jigs and carolina rigs in the places lunkers live – the Dragger is made to order!  Big jigs + big bass = no problem. The 7’4″ length gives you lots of working length for long casts and sucking up line for bigger hooks sets. This super sensitive rod will have you feeling your bait working up that rock… and then back down the other side. Heavy wire hooks are firmly set thanks to the reserve power loaded inside. Drag with a Dragger and show the bass what you’re made of!

  • Line: 12 - 20#
  • Lure: 3/8 - 1 1/2 oz
  • Length: 7'4"
  • Power: Heavy
  • Action: Fast
  • Average Rod Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Handle Length: 10.5" (End of butt to back of reel seat)
  • Number of Guides: 10

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Trent peace (Charlotte, US)
Outstanding rod

This is just one of the best ALX RODS I have used hands down

Jacob Devane (Atlanta, US)

The sensitivity is phenomenal, its crisp and light weight and detecting even a subtle bite isn't an issue. ALX does their homework on specific rod actions for specific techniques. I'm currently switching all my rods over to ALX!!

Andy Kyriacoudes (Pretoria, ZA)
Perfect heavy duty rod

This is the perfect Carolina rig rod. I always fish my Carolina rig with a 3/4oz weight and this Dragger has enough back bone to cast that weight a mile, but it also has a soft enough tip and unbelievable sensitivity, so I often use it when I'm punching grass with weights 1/2oz and heavier.

Randy Scruggs (Miami, US)
Perfect Carolina "Rigger"

I finally got to use my new Dragger for the first time this past March and it didn't disappoint. Carolina Rigging is my bread and butter technique and I was able to make better hook sets from longer distances. Strong and sensitive. I'll be adding more ALX rods to my collection very soon.

Cody Stahl (Pell City, US)
Awesome Carolina rig and 3/4 rattle trap rod!

I have had my Dragger for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I always use my dragger for throwing a Carolina rig and throwing a 3/4 oz trap. This rod has a great backbone for driving the hook in on long cast and had a nice tip thats perfect for keeping them pinned with a heavy bait like a 3/4 trap. The reason I like to throw a 3/4 trap on the dragger is because when i was throwing a 3/4 trap in eel grass or hydrilla I was struggling to clean the bait off efficiently on longer cast with a 7'3" Med Hvy rod and I also felt like my hook sets were not as solid as I would like them to be. I then switched to a Dragger and it was the deal! I was able to clean the bait off a lot easier and get a lot better hook ups too! So far every fish that I have hooked up with on a 3/4 trap has gotten in the boat and thats saying something because if you throw a big trap at all you know your going to lose some, thats just the name of the game. The Dragger is the deal!!

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