ZOLO Toadface - 7'2", Medium Heavy +, Fast Casting

True to it’s name, the Toadface is an ace at working a variety of toads and frogs over heavy cover. The tip allows you to cast far into cover and then walk, pop, or hop your frog or toad just right. We know frogs are a big fish bait, so we added a little extra power to get them in the boat. This rod design has also given great results with jigs and larger texas rigs and has become very popular for large topwaters and swim jigs.

  • Line: 12 - 20#
  • Lure: 3/8 - 1 1/8 oz
  • Length: 7'2"
  • Power: Medium Heavy +
  • Action: Fast
  • Average Rod Weight: 4.2 oz
  • Handle Length: 10" (End of butt to back of reel seat)
  • Number of Guides: 10

Customer Reviews

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Zolo Toadface

The zolo toadface rod is an absolute machine! I bought it mostly for frogging but Alex explained to me that this was the 4x4 of their lineup and it was more than capable as a jig rod, a swim jig rod, buzz bait, etc. it is definitely a great platform for all the above, ALX nailed it for sure!

Great people great rods

I stopped in to check out a couple of rods unannounced. I was welcomed with open arms. I got a tour of the manufacturing of how the rods are made and bought 2 rods while there. Within 2 weeks I have a total of 6 of there rods. This should tell you the quality of the rods

ALX ZOLO TOADFACE Quality Tool For Fishing!

The ZOLO Toad face is an awesome rod. It's Lightweight and comfortable to throw and has great feel. I've thrown 3/8 ounce swim jigs and Skipped frogs around docks and over heavy cover. The Toad face preformed just as every other ALX rod I own FLAWLESSLY. I have the Zolo Twitch, Zolo Skipper, Zolo Dragger, and the Zolo Jerkbait these rods are Great. We have given some of them away at our fishing tournaments over the past several years and I have heard our winners love them also. Thanks ALX for the quality of your products.

Toadface is a work of art!

I got this rod for swim jigs. Nothing else. I love the feel, the fit and the look. After catching a few fish on it with a swim jig I decided to try the frog on it. I have not caught a fish on frog this year yet, been too cold. But I tried it just to see how it would work the frog...it was simply amazing. In fact, I am more impressed with it as a frog rod than a swim jig rod. It will now be my new frog rod. I am used to a bit more beef for a swim jig rod. I do however believe that this rod will satisfy most swim jig needs, and I also believe I could certainly use it for that as well, but I know what feels right to me and for a swim jig rod I feel that it was a bit short and bit too soft in the tip. With that said, it is the best feeling frog rod I have owned and ALX rods will now be a part of my arsenal.

ALX Zolo Toadface!

Prior to me purchasing the ALX Zolo Toadface, I talked with Alex to get some information. First off, excellent customer service & product knowledge. Alex recommend the Toadface, as I was switching brands of rods for this season and I wanted to try something new. Fast shipping, and I received my order with 'in 2-business days, well package & rod was totally protected. I haven't been able to try it out as of yet, due to the lovely Michigan winter! But I can tell you, excellent quality, very well balanced rod. I am looking forward to using this rod and few other ALX rods I will be adding over the next week to go with my new boat for this season!

ZOLO Series

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