Spinning Rod Selection

September 08, 2021 2 min read

Spinning Rod Selection

I get a lot of phone calls about spinning rods. The calls usually go one of two ways - an average bass angler who has never used spinning gear much and is looking for a good all around rod that provides entry into learning spinning gear or the experienced angler looking for a technique specific spinning rod

Our spinning rods are designed to pair perfectly with 2000, 2500, and 3000 size spinning reels. We use Kigan Zero Tangle guides that give a perfectly smooth line flow from the reel to the tip to ensure effortless, long casts. We also size the guides to pass leader knots since we see lots of spin tackle anglers using braid to flourocarbon set ups. Our seats and grips are designed for comfort and all models are designed to balance in hand at the stem of the spinning reel. 

The average angler looking to carry a "do all" spinning rod, or someone looking to start with spinning tackle for bass fishing benefits a lot from a multipurpose do everything type rod. Here are my suggestions:

Entry Level Compeition Level
IKOS Soul 7 ZOLO Maestro


These are both great rods, but extremely versatile. Since spinning gear typically is used more for finesse applications, there is a benefit to stepping up to the ZOLO Series for a little more feel. 

The experienced angler usually knows what they want, but is looking for help to match the rod model to that need.  Here are some suggestions for the most common techniques I am asked about:


NED Rig  Dropshot Shakey Head

IKOS Shake 7

OXIM Tremor

ZOLO Trickster

ENOX Wizard

IKOS Shake 7

OXIM Droptop

ZOLO Diplomat

ENOX Charmer

IKOS Soul 7

OXIM Tremor

ZOLO Maestro

ENOX Wizard


Of course, these are only a few suggestions based on the most common questions I get on phone calls. We have other spinning models, like the ZOLO McSmalls, that is geared specifically toward techniques used by Great Lakes bass anglers targeting smallmouth. Also, some experienced anglers may have preferences toward a certain length, so I work with that anytime we are fitting someone into a new ALX Rod. 

If you ever have a question about a rod model, don't hesitate to call or email. We're more than happy to help you find the right for the way you are fishing. 

- Alex

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